Endpoint Resource Policy


A VPC Interface policy controls access to an Interface endpoint. We will use it to restrict access to identities that exist within this AWS account only.

Update the Interface Endpoint policy in your lab

  1. Refer to the collected output values from your CloudFormation stack. Note the value of the “InterfaceEndpointPolicyURL” output. Copy this value and paste it into your browser to access the Interface Endpoint in your VPC dashboard.
  2. Select the policy tab in the lower pane of your Interface Endpoint
  3. Refer to the value of the “AWSAccountID” output from your CloudFormation stack. This is the AWS Account ID being used for this lab.
  4. Use the example resource policy below. Replace the placeholder value “exampleaccountid” with the AWS Account ID value. Replace the value of “examplequeueARN” with the output value named SQSQueueARN from your CloudFormation stack.
  5. Edit the Interface Endpoint policy on your Interface Endpoint for SQS. Enter the custom policy you have created based on the example below. Save and close.

Resource policy - Interface Endpoint policy template/example

   "Statement": [{
      "Action": ["sqs:SendMessage","sqs:ReceiveMessage","sqs:DeleteMessage"],
      "Effect": "Allow",
      "Resource": "examplequeueARN",
      "Principal": { "AWS": "exampleaccountid" }