Setup instructions are provided below. Proceed using “Option One: Using your own AWS Account” or “Option Two: Using AWS Event Engine” based on how you wish to complete the lab.

Option One: Using Your Own AWS Account

In order to complete this workshop, you’ll need access to an AWS account. Your access needs to have sufficient permissions to create resources in IAM, CloudFormation, EC2, VPC, SQS and S3. If you currently don’t have an AWS account, you can create one here:

CloudFormation Bootstrap Scripts

In order to set the initial scenario in this workshop, you’ll need access to run a CloudFormation script. Sign in to your AWS account with administrative level access and run the following script If you are completing this lab using your own AWS account please download the following file:

Create a CloudFormation stack using the AWS CloudFormation Console and the downloaded yaml template. Ensure that the CloudFormation stack parameter “EventEngine” is set to “false”. Further instructions for creating a CloudFormation stack in the AWS Console from a downloaded template can be found here:

If you are using your own AWS Account you can start the workshop now!

This lab has been tested in us-east-1. Instructions provided reference us-east-1. The AWS region used in the instruction screenshots may differ from your chosen region. The names of the CloudFormation stacks used in the instructions will likely be different than those in the account you use for this lab.

Option Two: Using AWS Event Engine

Login to the AWS Workshop Portal. You should have received a Participant Hash that will grant you access to a temporary AWS account. Navigate to the following link to claim your temporary account:

Type the hash you received


Click on the AWS Console button


Open the AWS Console


If you are using an Event Engine AWS Account you can start the workshop now!